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Koh Samui in the Surat Thani region is one of the most well-known traveler objections in Thailand. The island has delightful sea shores, cascades, stupendous perspectives, sanctuaries, as well as a vivacious anglers’ town, and a few elite health spas. The island has its own air terminal and choices of convenience to suit all spending plans.

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Ang Thong National Marine Park

The 42 karst islets of Ang Thong National Marine Park (Mu Koh Ang Thong) in southern Thailand. It contains a beautiful seascape traversing in excess of 95 square miles (246 square kilometers). These limestone apexes harbor isolated fine sea shores, sheer precipices, and caverns, and are home to a horde of birds, monkeys, dolphins, and other natural life.

Aow Leuk Beach

Detachment and isolation may be difficult to come by on Koh Tao, perhaps of Thailand’s most well-known island, yet on its southeastern side, between Sai Daeng Beach toward the north and Tanote Beach toward the south, lies the 65-foot-long (20-meter Aow Leuk Beach. This stretch of sand is somewhat more remote so the huge groups stay away.

Big Buddha Temple (Wat Phra Yai)

Aside from the seashores, Koh Samui’s most unmistakable fascination is the brilliant Big Buddha Temple (Wat Phra Yai) apparent over the red-tiled housetops on the island’s north coast. The 40-foot (12-meter) Buddha sculpture should be visible from a few miles away — even from a plane — and the site is a functioning spot of love.

Butterfly Hill Koh Samui

The tropical arranged slope grounds at Butterfly Hill in Koh Samui are home to many bright butterflies, as well as bugs, moths, and honey bees. Tropical blossoms add to the colorful Garden of Eden-like setting, and beautiful perspectives from its peak position grandstand the island and the ocean. Besides you can go for a stroll to a close by cascade to chill.

Chaweng Beach

Chaweng Beach (Hat Chaweng is Koh Samui’s longest, and maybe loveliest, ocean side. An unmistakable blue-green ocean, palm trees, coral reefs, and an exuberant nightlife scene meet up to make a laid-back party vibe at Chaweng, the second-greatest hotel center on the island. Ideal for swimming and water sports, the 3-mile (5-kilometer bow of white sand is bookended by rough headlands.

Grandma and Grandfather Rocks (Hin Yai/Hin Ta)

Koh Samui’s Grandmother and Grandfather Rocks (otherwise called Hin Yai and Hin Ta are rough outcrops situated on Lamai Beach. The frequently captured, remarked upon, and laughed about rock developments look similar to male and female genitalia, making them a high-priority fascination for some sightseers. Besides the stones are set on a beautiful stretch of ocean side and make serene tide pools.

High Park Koh Samui

Set on a slope in Chaweng, High Park Samui is a little water park with an undertaking zone that likewise has normal pool gatherings and froth parties. Other than a few pools, two huge slides, two climbing walls, a zipline, a drop vertical drop, and crash mobile float hustling, appreciate kneads, nightfall perspectives, DJs, and food and drink.

Koh Tan (Koh Taen)

As an unmistakable difference from its popular northerly neighbor, minuscule and tired Koh Tan entices guests with void sea shores and vehicle-less streets. It is only three miles and a 15-minute boat ride south of Koh Samui’s southern tip. Koh Tan (likewise spelled Koh Taen, Ko Taen, and Ko Tan) is once in a while additionally called Coral Island for its variety of bright hard. The delicate corals frequently fill in as a famous day-long getaway. You can snorkel or kayak outings through its reasonable inshore waters.

However, the island doesn’t have a remarkable oceanic variety of other far-off areas. It actually manages the cost of incredible swimming, generally, void sea shores and safe mangrove overwhelms. All are extremely near a significant traveler center point. Longboats make the intersection day to day. It is the most part stopping at a few remarkable coral spots around the island.

Ashore, Koh Tan traverses just three square miles, and its populace scarcely best 30 individuals; their provincial way of life with restricted power manages the cost of a brief look at what a lot of Thai Island-living was like many years prior. Koh Tan likewise has a flourishing populace of screen reptiles, a footpath through mangrove timberland, a curious neighborhood sanctuary, a modest bunch of nearby cafés, and a group of cottage-style facilities.

Lamai Beach Koh Samui

Lamai Beach competes with Chaweng Beach for the title of Koh Samui’s prettiest ocean side, particularly along its less coral-flung southern stretches. Less created than Chaweng, and in this way looser, Lamai offers all-year swimming and flaunts the stone developments known as Grandmother and Grandfather. As Lamai has filled in notoriety, the exploring swarm has been supplanted with resort searchers.

Na Muang Waterfall

Settled among Koh Samui’s focal mountains, the Na Muang Waterfall has two levels: a lower stretch that is effectively reachable and falls into a wonderful regular pool, and a higher level that requires a 30-minute climb. The falls are set among rich wilderness environmental elements, and admittance to the site is free.

Samui Water Park Pink Elephant

Samui Water Park Pink Elephant flaunts an amazing 15 slides, including the Twister and Superbowl high slides. With a wave pool, lethargic stream, food and drink outlets, and Jacuzzis, it’s the island’s predominant water park. This family-accommodating scene brings a lot to the table for more youthful kids specifically.

Secret Buddha Garden (Magic Garden) Tours and Tickets

Somewhere down in Koh Samui’s wilderness-clad slopes is the Secret Buddha Garden (Magic Garden), where a cascade tumbles past the stone figures of the Buddha. The desert garden was made by nearby durian rancher Nim Thongsuk, whose burial chamber sits among the carvings of Buddhist spirits, artists, and animals.

Wat Khunaram (Mummified Monk)

Koh Samui is known for its unbelievable sea shores, turquoise waters, and sandy shores. However, stowed away from the beachfront miracle lies perhaps the most novel sanctuary in the country — Wat Khunaram.

While this overlaid red and white sanctuary might look commonplace to explorers who climb the dozen or so steps that lead to its entrance when inside, guests will find a site dissimilar to elsewhere. That is on the grounds that an upward glass coffin holds the embalmed group of Loung Pordaeng — a well-known priest — in his most reflective state. Local people say his reflection methods, which required less oxygen than his friends — are liable for his actually all-around protected state. Guests can come to visit the site, find out about the existence of this strict symbol, and take the stand concerning nearby Buddhists imploring at wat altars.

How To Get To Koh Samui

The most advantageous method for getting to Samui is via plane. You can fly from Bangkok to Koh Samui a few times every day. The flight requires a little more than 60 minutes. Day-to-day flights are likewise accessible in Phuket and Samui. For more data, visit kiwi.com

For the individuals who wish to drive, from Bangkok, take Highway 4 till you give Phetchaburi and Chumphon Provinces then, at that point, drive to Highways 41 and 401 to Surat Thani Province. From Surat Thani, guests can take their vehicles to Koh Samui on a vehicle ship at Donsak Pier. The ship requires 90 minutes.

For the less expensive method of transport, you can venture out to Koh Samui by transport or train. Cooled and non-cooled transports leave Bangkok’s Southern Bus Terminal for Surat Thani a few times day to day. The outing requires around 11 hours. A few trains leave Bangkok’s Hualamphong Station for Surat Thani day to day. The outing requires around 12 hours.

From Surat Thani to Koh Samui

An express ship leaves from Tha Thong Pier in Surat Thani each day, with a return trip leaving Na Thon Pier on Koh Samui each evening. It requires around 2.5 hours every way.

Another express boat works three times each day between Ban Don Pier and Koh Samui. Flight times are 7 am, 12.30 pm, and 2.30 pm. The excursion requires two hours.

Seatran Ferry, which obliges 60 vehicles and 400 travelers, works a few excursions each day between Don Sak (Surat Thani) and Koh Samui. Begin 5 am to 5 pm The outing requires around 1.30 hours.

A sluggish night ship leaves Ban Don Pier daily at 11 pm and arrives at Na Thon Pier at Samui around 5 am (6 hours). The return trip leaves Na Thon Pier at 9 pm and shows up at Ban Don Pier at 4 am (7 hours).

While in Koh Samui, you have choices of cabs, rental vehicles, rental cruisers, or bikes. Make certain to wear a protective cap in the event that you decide to ride a cruiser or bike.

How to get to Koh Samui/ Plan and book online.

Flight Bangkok - Koh Samui ฿ 3,424–12,687 1h 5m – 1h 45m
  •   Economy 05:30, 06:00, 06:15, 06:30, 06:45, 07:00, 07:10, 07:25, 07:30, 08:00, 08:05, 08:10, 08:15, 08:25, 08:35, 08:40, 08:45, 08:50, 09:00, 09:15, 09:20, 09:40, 09:45, 09:55, 10:15, 10:20, 10:25, 10:30, 10:40, 11:00, 11:20, 11:30, 11:45, 12:00, 12:05, 12:15, 12:20, 12:25, 12:30, 12:40, 12:45, 12:50, 13:00, 13:45, 13:50, 13:55, 14:30, 14:35, 14:45, 14:50, 15:00, 15:05, 15:15, 15:20, 15:30, 15:35, 15:50, 16:00, 16:15, 16:20, 16:50, 16:55, 17:00, 17:05, 17:30, 17:45, 17:50, 18:00, 18:05, 18:15, 18:20, 18:35, 18:45, 19:00, 19:05, 19:10, 19:15, 19:30, 19:35, 19:45, 19:55, 20:00, 20:30, 21:55, 22:00
  •   Economy 06:00, 07:15, 07:45, 07:50, 08:00, 08:15, 08:40, 08:45, 08:50, 09:10, 09:15, 09:25, 09:30, 09:45, 10:00, 10:05, 10:15, 10:20, 10:25, 10:50, 11:00, 11:05, 11:20, 11:30, 11:45, 11:50, 12:00, 12:10, 12:15, 12:30, 12:35, 12:50, 13:00, 13:10, 13:15, 13:30, 13:55, 14:00, 14:10, 14:40, 14:45, 14:50, 15:20, 15:40, 15:45, 15:50, 16:35, 17:00, 17:05, 17:10, 17:15, 17:35, 17:40, 18:00, 18:10, 18:20, 18:45, 19:00, 19:05, 19:10, 19:30, 19:40, 19:45, 19:55, 20:05, 20:15, 20:20, 20:40, 20:45, 20:55, 21:00, 21:05, 21:20, 21:50, 21:55
Bus Bangkok - Koh Samui ฿ 800–1,600 14h – 17h 20m
  •   Express 18:00, 19:00, 20:00, 21:00
  •   VIP 20:00
  •   VIP 24 19:30
  •   Economy 19:00
  •   Express 08:00, 12:30, 19:30
  •   VIP 24 13:20, 14:20, 15:00
Ferry Bangkok - Koh Samui ฿ 850–1,050 15h 30m – 17h
  •   Ferry 17:00
  •   Catamaran 06:30, 08:00, 10:30, 12:00
  •   Speedboat 06:30, 08:00
  •   Ferry 16:00, 18:00
  •   High Speed Ferry 11:30, 13:30
Train Bangkok - Koh Samui ฿ 1,307–1,902 15h 25m – 20h 10m
  •   2nd Class Sleeper AC 14:45, 17:05, 17:35, 18:30, 19:30
  •   1st Class Sleeper 18:30, 19:30

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