How to choose the Best SIM, while you’re traveling

You will learn which is the best SIM For your next trip.

How to Choose the Best SIM while you’re traveling.

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It made me very confused every time when I will go abroad. About how to choose the mobile operator, is my phone supported worldwide? How cost I been charged? Should I choose an international sim or a local sim? For 1 reason, which one is the best for me?

so this topic will mention the factors that you have to consider, the type of sim card, and some recommendations about it.

I will focus on travel to Thailand and give an example from Verizon carrier. Because I have checked their support included Thailand.

Your options

The Type of Sim Card You have to know.

Each type has pros and cons. If you know, it will help you choose the appropriate one for you.

International Sim card plan.

An International Sim Card plan is good for your friend and family so that they can connect with your usual number.

Utilize a Temporary International Travel Plan
Ask the carrier for options as a temporary international travel plan, some may lead to lower charges

First step: check with your carrier regarding your options for international data. Some carriers offer free international data. These often aren’t the cheapest phone plans, but they may be worth it if you’re always on the go or travel for a long time. For Verizon carrier, you can check the country that supports and cost plan. They support many countries, including Thailand
You can check it out here. Verizon

This option is appropriate to who:

  • Short Trip
  • One country
  • Your phone is locked by the carrier.

A Local Sim card

Get a Local Sim Card (Make sure your phone is unlocked.)

Local SIM cards are another way that many travelers use while abroad. You can buy a local sim card (sometimes free) at your destination. The sim card comes with a local number and access to data on local networks. This way can save a lot of money, it is an easy method for staying connected during your trip.

Be careful:

  • You may buy the wrong type of card for your phone. Cause of the language barrier.

This is appropriate for who:

  • Travel for long periods.
  • Travel multi countries.

If your phone is locked by the operator you must buy a new one at the destination and buy pre-paid sim card.
It sounds cool, but please understand your old phone and sim card may not work while you’re traveling.

An eSIM: Best Sim?

This way can solve almost problems of international sim or local sim card.
You don’t need to unlock or buy a new phone. However, your trip is short or long.
By the way, This way it supports only some models of mobile phone. You have to check for sure but not too serious
I have done the homework to find out the website you can check it as well as you can buy it online.

Click, do you have an eSIM-capable device?

eSIM stands for embedded SIM card. To use it, just download a data pack from a provider. activate it then you’ll have instant data and connectivity.

Another neat thing about using an eSIM is that many phones can use dual SIM with it. This means you won’t take your domestic SIM card out of your phone. Rather, you can turn off the data for that SIM card and use voice and text normally, then use the data pack from your eSIM. The carriers always offer cheap international texting and calling, this way will save your roaming fees during travel. Plus, you can use your usual number for authentications.

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